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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fast card application

Instructions and Help about Fast card application

Hey y'all welcome back to my channel is Jessie D I know it has been a long time since I have recorded and uploaded a video because school and work has been very hectic I graduated in December thank God but anywho the last video that I made was about my vision board and at the end of this video I'm gonna just click attach another part that is my like showing you my actual vision board and I applied the pictures to it but today we are going to talk about credit cards and which credit cards are easier to get which companies are more lenient things like that because I know a lot of people that come into my job and apply for card they're like I don't know if I'm gonna get approved and some people get really bummed out and disappointed when they don't get approved and then I'll actually understand like the requirements and different things like that when it comes to certain companies and how they are and which companies are easier to get and different things like that so they get rid of them down and really don't want to apply but hopefully on this video I'm gonna give you some tips and what to look out for in order to know if you fit usually that financial companies criteria in order to get approved so you don't just go out there and just be filling out four cards and getting bummed out and getting disappointed because you don't get approved so okay the first company I want to talk about is community bank and they have like a lot of I'm gonna let link their list of credit cards that they actually service below so you can know like if that's somewhere that you shop it but I'm Community Bank has a lot of cars as far as they had this sort of secret card they have cash card they have sales I have a prominent fish different places like that and they're usually more lenient when it comes to being approved for card um if you're starting out that is definitely um up banks why I would look for and how you know is when you go into a store ask them like what company service is your card or get one of the little bro and on the brochure it'll tell you which company services the card so another way is when you look on a website say discover Capital One on chain CD or anything like that they have a secured card and you know your credit is iffy um and when I say if be anywhere like in the 500 to the low sixes range I would definitely like up start with their secured card and move your way up most companies graduate cards which means like if you start with a secured card after like a year or eight months um they will refund your deposit.


What made your “jaw drop” during a job interview?
Because my husband is a Presbyterian minister, I always get dragged to interviews. Usually not the first interview. Somehow, what the preacher’s wife looks like is indicative of his ministry. Something like that.But once, he was told to have me present at the first interview.We drove about 80 miles to a church for a pulpit ministry, solo pastor position. The church had burned down five years before and the congregation had built a church similar to the previous, keeping the “flavor” of the old, but had built a state of the art new sanctuary with all the IT bells and whistles anyone could ever want in a church building. The building was amazing.We toured the building for about an hour with the six members of the Pastor Nominating Committee or PNC. The committee was very pleased with our oohs and aahs over the rebuilt church.We then drove a quarter of a mile to the church house or manse. It was a very old historic house that was a total dump. We toured every room but one, and just as we were about to open that last door, the Interim Minister walked out and walked out of the house to go somewhere without looking at us or saying a word.Very creepy.Oh well.We then got back in the cars and drove a quarter mile past the church to a member’s house. It was an historic home, similar to the manse, but had been restored and was incredibly beautiful. Amazing house.Maybe if we were neighbors they’d fix up the manse?At this lovely home, we all sat down for a lunch. A nice lunch, beautifully presented, but I kept noticing a weird aftertaste and tackiness in my mouth.Just after we ate our dessert, the woman across from us at the table (and it was a long, narrow table) said in a loud firm voice: Ahem. The interview will begin now.I looked down for my purse and for someone to signal to me when to get up and where to go.Nobody signalled at me.I sat where I was. I was feeling very squirmy inside, though.How awkward are my own job interviews? How awkward will it be to sit through my husband’s job interview? I guess I’ll find out.The lady across from us, I supposed she was in charge, shuffled some papers and read the name of my husband’s high school and the year he graduated.“Can you confirm this is your high school and the year you graduated?” she asked.My husband answered in the affirmative.I was thinking to myself that was a pretty creative manner of discerning someone’s age when that lady started talking to me.I looked up at her.She had just asked me how old I was.I gave her my big beautiful smile and the answer I always gave, “Thirty-six!”She gave me the stare-down, the mean old lady stare-down.“No,” she said. “Really.”Now, this is a photo of me several years after this interview.I was 57 in this photo.This is a photo of my husband during the same time period. He’s 58.I knew what the committee was thinking.They knew from my husband’s biography, ours was a second marriage. They wondered if I was the much younger wife.We got that all the time.Once, someone asked me about my father, pointing to my husband.But, really. To ask me my age? How rude.The stare-down continued.I looked around the table and not one face showed any support for me at all.I took a deep sigh and said, “Fifty-four.”“So, the older child is your child?” the woman asked.“Yeah.”I don’t remember anything else. I was on fire. I was ready to blow and take all those people with me into the seven hells.But I sat quietly, said nothing. Stared at a flower arrangement across the room.I thought and thought to myself how illegal was it for them to ask ME my age, when it was illegal to ask my husband his age.How illegal would it be for me to stretch my hand across the table and pinch that woman really hard.Things wrapped up, we got up from that table, and were headed for the door. The owner of the house told us how pleased he was to meet us and how thankful he was that we ate the food.Huh?“We’re all diabetics and all the food has aspartame in it. Wasn’t sure if it would be to your liking.”As soon as we drove about a mile from that house, the church, the manse, I let out a huge scream.“You can go to that church but I’m never going anywhere near it!”My husband just laughed and said he wasn’t going near it either. He couldn’t believe they had asked me my age. I couldn’t believe he didn’t call them on that, but, it’s not his style.And the food? Made me extremely ill as I’m very allergic to aspartame. Was in bed for two days because of it.My husband has kept his promise to never “allow” me at the first interview.But I’m still dragged out so people can look at me. Don’t look so young anymore but committees just have to “see” me and ask me every question or drive me hither and thon and show me everything.God is gracious.
Do "poor man's patents" really protect your ideas? (i.e. sending them in the mail to yourself and getting them notarized)
One time it helped and one time it didn't.  This really does not come up that much. Both cases deal with who invented first, under the pre-AIA law, whoever invents first gets the patent and the late comer is an infringer.  In both cases, the inventors and the alleged infringers filed patents, all of which issued.In Timely Products Corp. v. Arron, CIV. No. 11,864, 1974 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 6916, at *25 (D. Conn. Sep. 3, 1974).  Arron argued that he invented a sock heater first and that he should get a patent for it.As proof of conception Arron relies upon his Rule 131 affidavit and an exhibit attached to that affidavit, a letter dated August 23, 1965 written and mailed by certified mail to himself describing his idea for low voltage electric and battery operated clothing, blankets and sleeping bags. The letter emphasizes socks and gloves. Well, there you go, he mailed it to himself, open and shut case, right?  Well, there's more to it than that.The question here is not the corroboration of Arron's testimony but rather the sufficiency of the letter of August 23, 1965 as recording a conception of the invention claimed in Arron's patent.Like most inventor drafted materials, this one failed to meet the requirements of Section 112 of the Patent Act and by leaving out key features failed to show that the device was controlled by Aaron prior to the critical date.In Unisplay S.A. v. Am. Elec. Sign Co., NO. CS-92-214-JLQ, 1993 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 20993, at *15 (E.D. Wash. Sep. 7, 1993), AESC defended against infringement by saying that Gunther Selig invented a Solar Glo prior to Unisplay's invention.Mr. Selig states that he documented the conception of his invention on December 21, 1974 and again on January 9, 1975. (Ct. Rec. 116, Exhibits 3 and 4.) The January 1975 document referenced certain drawings of Mr. Selig's work, which were produced for the first time at Mr. Selig's deposition. (Ct. Rec. 181, Exhibit 27.) The December 21, 1974 document was reportedly witnessed by Rita Robinson, and the January 9, 1975 document was witnessed by Katherine Diel. In order to further verify the conception date of his invention, Mr. Selig reportedly had his January 1975 letter and blueprint mailed to himself, return receipt requested. The postmarked envelope and return receipt were submitted by the Defendants and are part of the record. (Ct. Rec. 193, Exhibit B.)Unlike Aaron, Selig had drawings that adequately demonstrated the pertinent features of his invention.  Those verified his date of inventorship and were sufficient to anticipate some of Unisplay's claims.
What was your first reaction when you heard that you won the Green Card Lottery?
TL,DR: I couldn’t believe it. It took me 30 minutes to realize it was real. I even verified if the email i’ve recieved was not a scam. In fact I didn’t even remember I applied!Flashback: I applied in October 2022. after a six-week trip in Southern California. I was back in Paris and I was suffocating. I missed the space, the nature, the friendly and warm SoCal, the weather, etc.So I applied in late 2022 after I took my first full time employee job. It was easy, I just needed to fill out a form, send a couple of pictures taken by a professional photographer (I remember the ugly beige and purple striped sweater I was wearing too! A pure fashion piece now archived into the immigration administration database.) and uploaded all to the dedicated website. Note that the department of state only opens that website during the time of application, during about a month.Fast forward: I checked my applicant status in May 2022. with zero hope I could have won. And I didn't find my name in the annual bulletin.Life had moved on, I started to date my soon to be husband, I changed job - which was horrible - but once in a while me and my husband we were taking about our dream jobs and life. He was telling me that he always wanted to covered NBA basketball (we literally live 20 min from the Oracle stadium and he’s still too shy to apply) and I was telling him that I always wanted to cover tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area (I’m not lying).But then, on Friday, July the 13th (I’m not joking), I received an email from the department of state let me know that I should check again my status, forwarding me my application number, which I did, and I was pre-selected!Again, I couldn't believe it, so I stalk all the Internet to make sure that the email was a scam. But since the domain name associated to the email was “state.gov”, my doubts were dismissed and I started to compulsively repeate “No!”.Now I can tell you when I called my husband and my mom how their first reactions were. But that’s another story.
If my name is P Basavaraj, how can I fill out the PAN card application?
How can one fill a PAN card application with initials?
The PAN Card Application has specific guidelines that no initials be included for the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name fields of the applicant, his/her father and mother.While initials are not permitted in the above mentioned fields, you have the option to choose how your name appears on the PAN Card. There you could have initials listed.For example, lets take the name Virat Kholi.First Name would be Virat.Last Name would be Kholi.Name on Card can be any of the following:Virat KholiViratK ViratVirat KIf you would like to check how the application turns out, you could submit an online PAN Card Application and download the pre-filled PDF form for free at Brokerage Free - New PAN ApplicationHope this information is helpful.Thanks.
Is an Aadhaar card mandatory to fill out the NEET application?
Yes it’s a must but if you have given your Aadhar for correction, you may apply using the update request number (URN) which would be present in your submission request slip.For more details please visit the official website: www.cbseneet.nic.in
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