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Instructions and Help about Us cbp 1303

At Terminal 3 officer Lisa Lee has stopped a Canadian woman who has come to the UK for two weeks to visit a British man she met on the Internet she's told us that the gentleman she's coming to see has paid for her ticket they've never met she's only got $10 in cash no real idea what she wants to do in the UK and she is on quite a lot of medication for various medical complaints that she claims to have so I need to get that checked out before I can decide whether or not she's allowed to have any Lexi Lexi can you come over I understand from my colleague you're taking certain tablets at the moment yeah okay can I please have them I need to show them to our doctor so you're on tablets for that yeah okay what else are you taking okay do you need anything at the moment any of your tablet's at the moment okay if it's alright with you I'll take the medication to the doctor here so you rattle when you walk then yeah you might you have to take I think it's really wrong listen let me tell you something okay we don't treat no you're not listening okay alright so let me explain to you that's wrong okay let me explain to you why that might be the case and why you might see it like that okay the reason being that any of these people are here is because we have an immigration issue with them it doesn't matter what color they are what gender they are we don't care we're interested in their immigration status and that's it all right let me do this I'll be as quick as I can okay and then I'll come back and speak to you and we'll try and get this done as quickly as we can all right I've just been in to see our port doctor just to get the lady's medication checked out there's no specific medication in what we have that's given to cancer patients specifically for melanoma and the doctor said that it's a terminal illness but that there's no problem Otis in terms of length of life it could be a year it could be five he said you know provided she's okay then she switched to be detained and no problem and we just crack on with it as we would any other any other person the first job is to contact the man she met on the Internet he's downstairs waiting to meet her can he explain how she will get by in London for two weeks on just $10 how long have you known each other sir that you met online he has paid for her ticket he runs his own business he said I'm pretty well-off she's just come in to spend time with me we're gonna go around London we're gonna do lots of party and.


Will I be denied entry to the US at CBP if I have a debt outstanding?
Immigration officers do not have access to information that would allow them to know whether or not a visiting alien has unpaid civil debts.You can expect problems if you owe unpaid taxes to the IRS or to a State, or if you have unsatisfied family support obligations, but ordinary civil debts are not a factor that ordinarily plays any role in immigration decisions.
How do you find out if a company is open to using a staffing agency to fill positions?
Get an introduction to the target company through a referral if possible.  A lot of the companies that retain us even talk explicitly about "no agency referrals" on their website.  There are times that going in through HR or their staffing org can be to your benefit but more often that not it helps to have a referral with a "VP" in their title to get you that introduction.  You might still be a long way from getting a fee agreement signed (retained or contingent) but you'll be a lot close than being one of the hundreds of agency recruiters leaving voicemails for the VP HR or Staffing Manager.
Can you say that you are going to the US to help out your family to a CBP officer while visiting on a B2 visa?
Touchy subject.If your family is running a business and your “help” is to help them run the business, the answer is absolutely no\If your family is having a crisis, as in health related or a loved one dying etc and you are there to prmoral support, yes, you can say that but you need to make sure that you are not coming to help them with the family business etc.
How is an average person expected to get through life in the US without a bureaucracy consultant to advise on how to properly fill out all the paperwork?
The lawmakers expect a reasonable average person to be able to guide self through the maze of laws and regulations.Still, some people value their time or are truthful about their abilities to comprehend things, and instead of getting a self-taught degree in taxation or legal intricacies of a company formation (and accounting/financial issues associated with that), those people choose to hire a professional specializing in those areas.I am personally an accountant (corporate accounting) which is as far away from personal taxes as you can imagine, my tax returns are tied to my spouse's and due to presence of several items which are not a common occurrence in an average person's life, I am not even trying to complete our taxes.I do my due diligence with all the information gathering, schedules, support documentation, record retention and such but I can't spend days pouring over it all to come up with a final number.So, I pay a professional to be on time, on spec, and on budget.With respect to legal advice, laws in US vary by state, so me being able to spend 3 years in law school, and then more years trying to be admitted to each of the Bar associations, and then have the ability to research cases for precedents - that's just not reasonable.Still, there are others who actually love this process, are knowledgeable, and can tell me a solution to my problem within 20 mins. Isn't this worth my money?
How do you encourage users to fill out their profile?
Depends on the site and context but here are some ideas:Progress bar (such as LinkedIn)Reward with credits, which might can be used for something Show stats: "By adding your profile picture, your exposure will increase by ___%.""All the cool people are doing it."Aaron Munter  / Aaron Munter - I can't reply to your comment since you were so hurt by my suggestion and decided to block. It's not lacking people skill. It's people who act like they know better than the other person. If you're gonna suggest a better way to "motivate" people, then you need to give examples. It is much easier to state comments such as, "give  intrinsic motivation" without giving specific reasons and examples.  If you're gonna act like a cognitive psychologist by using these terms, please consider what I stated. I hope my words didn't hurt you so much. Life gets much much harder :-)
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